Technology is shaping our world and changes how we relate to ourselves and each other

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The Technological Sex has arrived!

We have only seen a fraction of what the future holds for the technological sex.

But it is NOW we should start asking:

What does it all mean? Where will it take us?
How will it influence our relations, abilities, and competencies? What will be the consequences?


46 per cent

of men in the 18-39 age group watch porn on a weekly basis in the US today (Pew, Gordon, and Price and the Journal of Sex Research, 2016)


By 2030

most people will have some form of virtual sex as casually as they browse porn today (Future of Sex Report, Bondara, Dr Ian Pearson, 2016)


By 2050

will we start to see robot sex overtaking human-human (Future of Sex Report, Bondara, Dr Ian Pearson, 2016)


Sextech – The Human Disrupter?


Disrupt or be disrupted! Today it is a widely held view that dramatic advances in robotics and artificial intelligence put us on the path to a jobless future. While this might or might not turn out to be the case, we should rather start questioning our abilities to solve the tasks that the future will hold for us.


Technology has permeated our most private and intimate space of human life: our sex and love life – and is changing what it means to connect, relate and trust.


Futurist Mette Sillesen and Sexuality Expert Lucy Vittrup have joined forces to prepare you for the future of sex and it’s consequences on our how we relate to ourselves and each other, privately and professionally.


The talk gives you the big overview of the future of sex and points out the plausible consequences of technological intimacy* with regard to communication, connection, collaboration, well-being and joy between people on and off work. It also looks at the competencies that will be in demand in the future and question how technological intimacy influences them.

*Technological intimacy refers to sex, intimacy, love, romance and/or relationship with technology.


Key questions that will be addressed:

  • What does the future of sex look like? What does sex tech mean and cover? What are the trends and forecasts?
  • How will technological intimacy influence our human relations?
  • What will the technological intimacy mean for the future of work, communication, and collaboration between people?
  • What will be gained, and what will be lost?
  • What are the frightening scenarios, and what are the uplifting ones?
  • What can we do about it today?


A talk that raises the important questions and gives suggestions for the answers


- Everyone that is curious about the technological sex and it’s consequences

- CEOs, HR-managers and others who have a stake in how technology impacts human relations and competencies

- Conferences/events/festivals about future trends, human and technology, sexuality, human relations or the future of work 



English, Danish/Scandinavian, Spanish



Lucy: (+45) 26 70 74 13

Mette: (+45) 20 22 93 82



Lucy Vittrup

Lucy Vittrup


Lucy Vittrup is a provocative and inspirational sexuality expert, speaker, educator, coach, columnist, and author. She believes that the way you handle your sexuality affects the way you handle life, love, and work. Therefore she is committed to contribute to a world free of sexual shame in all corners of society.

Lucy has her own universe on the largest Danish media platform, Ekstra Bladet, where she writes leading edge articles on sexuality and test among others, sextech products. Recently she published an e-book on how to speak to teenagers about sexuality in a technological world.

Lucy has lived in seven countries, speaks five languages and holds a Master Degree in Cultural Studies. She is based in both Scandinavia and Latin America.

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Mette Sillesen



Mette Sillesen is a bold and thought-provoking Danish futurist who works to drive a sustainable and co-creative business agenda in all that she does. She believes that spirituality and the full human spectrum of aliveness are needed in order to change the way we lead and do business.

Mette has an intense look at the future of humanity, which she describes as a magical dance between spirit and technology.

Mette is based in Copenhagen where she gives talks and counseling to companies and organizations about future trends and developments. She holds a Master Degree in Business Sociology.

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What people say about the talk

Lucy and Mette have a humorous, informal way of covering a complex area that any individual, leader and organization has to look at now. They complement each other perfectly and give the audience an important space to reflect and interact. I highly recommed their talk to anyone with interest in the future!
- Michael Danni Sorensen, Head of New Markets, AquaTech 

 Hearing Mette and Lucy speak gave me the understanding that sexuality in the future is not only about sex in the bedroom, it is about how we will come to interact with each other in all walks of life. Their talk is thought-provoking, inspirational and eye opening.
- Simone Okholm, Executive Assistant, Group88 


 In a world changing faster than ever, I think toys, computers, and machines have come to stay in terms of our own and other peoples sexuality. Lucy and Mette lead the way into the future of our sexuality in a both professional, useful and touching way.
- Claus Fadal, Business Consultant, Team Direct



The Sexually-Competent Human

Article by Lucy Vittrup and Mette Sillesen in the international future studies magazine Scenario (in pdf)

The New Era of Sexuality

Radio interview with Lucy Vittrup about her mission to change the conversation around sexuality by Dr. Andrea Pennington, host of  America Out Loud 

Sex with the future 

Live-streamed talk about the future of sex between Mette Sillesen and performance artist Sadie Lune at Danish Heartland Festival 

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